When friends unfollow you – Betrayal?

I’ve been reflecting on this particular feeling recently. Might actually be kinda “embarrasing” to even mention it. But there’s an odd feeling when a friend… a “good friend” perhaps, or someone not so close but who you admire… UNFOLLOWS YOU.

Like, WTF?

Ha. I know it sounds childish, high-school-like… but I’m going beyond that.

I’m focusing more on that need for CLOSURE.

Just would like to know, What happenned?

More-so for me. Which story/post triggered you…? Or was it just a mix of all, you just disliked my content overall. Perhaps some jealousy, it is fair too.

Call it ego or what you want, I’m still trying to understand myself more and become a better person, version of myself every day.

Unfollow Anxiety

But why so NEEDY about having followers, who follows you and blah blah blah? You might ask. I won’t disagree, maybe I need to let go of this neediness to be “liked”, or this narcissistic behavior that everyone should love and like what I do. It is just not true, nor should it be.