Facebook switching from likes to follows

Yes, it was confusing seeing a different number for likes and follows on a page,, and finally Facebook came up to the solution to their mess. And that is getting rid of “likes” on pages, and just leaving the number of followers.

Facebook gets rid of “likes” option

Makes sense.

From personal experience I can tell you most pages have/had about the same amout of likes and follows, since it used to be that when you “liked” a page it automatically “followed” it, but I believe that stopped later on.


Anyway, something I found interesting on the subject.. is that among the many Facebook pages I’m admin of, there is one that currently has 30,000 likes and 60,000 follows. I had never seen a similar scenario, but then digging deeper, it starts to make sense.

My page is “a bit” on the adult side, in terms of content: humor, sensual, etc

“Liking” and “Following” a page in this case is about doing it discreetly and privately.